To Become a Distributor

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Greetings from Bakeys Foods!

 It gives me immense pleasure to share with you that Bakeys Edible Cutlery has spread across the world with huge market traction. Thanks to all of you for making this Indian innovation, a truly global product. During the last few months, we have appointed distributors in all major markets across the world USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Europe, UAE, Singapore and Malaysia. The process of appointment in the other countries is under way.

 We are now ramping up the market in our home country also. We would be stopping the online sales through in the next 45 days and route it through the Distributors for speedier supplies to the customers. I invite you to join us as the Authorized Distributor of Bakeys products for the Indian market.

 I would encourage you to place a test order of 60 packs through to test the market. This will be supplied at a discounted price of 25% as given in point 11 below. Based on your experience with this test order, you can proceed to move forward and become our Authorized Distributor. Please note that this facility of placing a test order will cease shortly since we would be stopping online sales. Test orders will not be taken once the online sales stop.

 The conditions for being an Authorized Distributor are as follows:

1.      To become an Authorized Distributor, there will be NO charge or deposit or fees. The only criterion considered is consistent sales of minimum specified volumes.

2.      The minimum volume of sales fixed is 2000 packs (containing 100 pieces per pack) per month.

3.      Those who achieve these volumes of sales will represent the company as Authorized Distributors and their names, addresses and contact details will be published on the website so that potential customers can directly reach their nearest distributor.

4.      The number of Distributors appointed is not limited. Any number of Distributors can apply. However, to continue to be on the panel of Authorized Distributors, one has to consistently achieve minimum monthly sales targets.

5.      If minimum monthly orders are not received from the Distributor, his/her name will be removed from the list of Authorized Distributors on the website and no sales traffic will be diverted to the same.

6.      No requests for sole selling rights will be entertained.

7.      The other products such as soup spoons, dessert spoons, forks, small plates/bowls, salad bowls, etc, which will be released subsequently, will be routed though these Distributors.

8.      The company will reserve its right to revise the minimum sales target for a Distributor to continue to be on the panel.

9.      The company will have the right to revise the MRP and intimate the Distributors of the same.

10.  The Distributors will be supplied periodically, with videos to promote the product. It is expected that the Distributors will share these widely. In addition, the Distributors will also be supplied with copies of publications about Bakeys products in international media such as Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Time, Telegraph and others as any recent publications. These can be used for promotion of the products.

11.  The Distributor gets flat 25% discount on MRP.

12.  The Distributor should place orders for a minimum of 2000 packs per month by making payment of the discounted price through Bank transfer. No payments will be accepted through cheques. Stock will be supplied only on receipt of payment.

13.  The Company does not offer any credit.

14.  There will be no return/refund. Goods once sold cannot be returned. The packaging has evolved to ensure there will be no damages in transit. Hence, goods received in damaged condition will not be any cause to ask for refund.

15.  Likewise, inability to sell due to lack of demand also will not be a cause for asking refund. It is the Distributors responsibility to create the demand.

 If you find this is an interesting opportunity, please login and purchase your test consignment. Should you need any further clarification, please call +91 9393762080.

 I must mention here that aspiring distributors are not permitted to explore export markets because we already have the necessary infrastructure in place. In the event, if the Distributor persists with exporting the products, his/her name will be removed from the list of Distributors and put in the black list and no further supplies will be made to such individuals.

 I look forward to welcoming you into the Bakeys Family of Change Makers to make this world a better place to live.

Narayana Peesapaty ,
Managing Director
Bakeys Foods Pvt Ltd
Hyderabad, India