Sweet Spoons

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Size : 150mm | Weight   : 11grams

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It is made with Flours of Rice+wheat+Jowar + water. 

No preservatives, colours, fat added.

Sweet (with little sugar)

Where to use

It can be used for eating any rice based dishes, Upma, Idly sambar, gravies, with soup as like spicy spoon stick, as a snack. With Chat, sweets, cake, Ice cream, Tea, Coffee, Lassi, fruit juice, milk shakes. It does not melt or fall in hot or cold beverages. It will last till the end of your meal. Ideal for teething babies to chew. Good for Hospital patients meal against plastic spoons normally used. Harmless travelling companion, Chat shops.
DO NOT REFRIGERATE. Once the pack is opened store spoons in a dry box. shelf life- 24 months from date of manufacturing.

Usage Instructions:- Handle carefully, do not poke hard in food, open the packet only when you are ready to consume most of the spoons or store in tight lid containers as they can become less crispy if exposed to moisture in atmosphere, do not refrigerate. Do not throw packets as they can break inside.Do not wipe with cloth or paper napkin before use. Do not wash and reuse. Throw in mud or just in potted plants to decompose after use if you do not wish to eat it.
Manufactured by STRONGG ROOTS-Hyderabad
under food licence no- FSSAI- 1361402000947 for Bakeys foods pvt ltd.(Hyderabad)


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