Our Standards

Our Standards (Eco friendly and disposable)
We are a 100% Export Oriented Unit (EOU) and we comply with ISO 22000. We follow the Food Safety Standards Act of Government of India.

Water contamination- As hot and boiled water is used to make the products there is zero water contamination

Pest management- we have done pest control needed for food industry in factory premises.

Workers hygiene – The workers are free of skin and contagious diseases.

Work place hygiene – The workers are given aprons and head caps. The manufacturing unit are fully enclosed from all sides to avoid dust, insects and pollution as per norms.

Usage Instructions
Handle carefully, do not poke cutlery with force in food. Open the packet only when you are ready to consume most of the spoons or store in tight lid containers as they can become less crispy if exposed to moisture in atmosphere. Do not refrigerate. Do not throw packets as they can break inside.Do not wipe with cloth or paper napkin before use. Do not wash and reuse.

Throw in mud or just in potted plants to decompose after use if you do not wish to eat it.