Greetings Sir.

I congratulate you for you have been successful in developing through your innovative thinking the concept of ‘edible cutlery’ and your great contribution to the society will be a part of history as you’ve addressed the environmental problem which is a threat we all face. Your thought process of “Change is inevitable, Before this change can overtake and overwhelm us, we should be the instruments of change” is worth admiration.

Sir I respect and admire you from the depth of my heart for your endeavour, it requires persistent determination to put in 18 yrs of hardwork in groundwater research and 7 yrs in R&D for edible cutlery . Very few people are there who use their intellect for addressing social and environmental issues.
A unique solution to the two major problems of groundwater depletion & invasion of plastic in our food, is really interesting. Growing Jowar as an alternative to rice (highly water intensive crop) is another solution you’ve offered which would help farmers ;reduce their dependence on irrigation system & also help in replenishing groundwater levels.

Sir you’ve become an inspiration for me to bring about a positive change in society through innovation.

To change the present scenario, so that we can forward a better & a sustainable world to our future generation, may the edible cutlery innovation reache every corner of the world and is able serve as a healthy alternative to plastic cutlery.

Gurkirat Singh


Alita a 7 year old student from USA has synthesized all she saw in the film and she has added in her own voice! This is a truly outstanding piece of writing. I hope you enjoy it. Best