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  Now you can USE your cutlery and EAT it too

                         Did you ever think you can eat up your spoons too???
Well, it is now a reality. We make these to provide an effective alternative to plastic disposable cutlery

About Edible Cutlery

We make our cutlery with dough made from a mixture of sorghum, rice and wheat flours, kneaded with hot water. The products are baked in moulds.

We started with spoons and would be adding forks, soup spoons, dessert spoons, yogurt spoons and then we would start making the crockery as well. These would include small bowls, cups, plates and even salad bowls.

Unfortunately, we were unable to make knives.

We also found that making coffee stirrers and chopsticks are indeed possible, but they would be very expensive, since these have to cool inside the moulds. The other products work on energy conserving technology. These two products cannot be made under this technology and the high energy cost would make it less competitive. Hence, we would not be making them.

Since these are made with flours, we have the advantage of adding tastes and flavors. Basically, there would be three tastes- plain, sweet and savoury. In the sweet version, we have the choices of making vanilla, strawberry and other flavors. In the savoury version, we have the choices of salt and pepper combination (1) with added Indian spices and (2) with no additional spices added. In the sweet version, we would be coming up with flavors like vanilla and strawberry, etc.

There are no preservatives, chemicals, additives, colouring agents, raising agents, fat, trans fat, artificial chemical nutrition or animal ingredients, milk or milk products. These are 100% natural products that are vegan as well and are 100% degradable (if you choose not to eat them)

Why Edible cutlery? What is wrong with plastic disposables? Disturbing facts you must know:

Why you should not use plastic? How edible cutlery is better
Plastic contains several chemical complexes that leach into food. Many of these are carcinogenic and neuro-toxic. The increasing trends in cancer incidences across the world is due to excessive exposure to plastic in form of packaging in food industry (eg: milk pouches) and plastic disposable cutlery Edible cutlery is made of food materials and they come with nutritive contents.
Plastic is manufactured in very unhygienic manner. Industrial lubrication is applied on the moulds to prevent them from sticking to products. These are wiped and not cleaned with proper wash. NOBODY ever washes their plastic cutlery before using it. Thus, would be actually licking this industrial contamination Edible cutlery contains no chemicals, additives or even preservatives. They are 100% natural and baked products,
The food laws all over the world is silent on how hygienic the utensils should be. These fall under industrial production laws. Edible cutlery falls under food category and hence, hygiene is of paramount importance.
The character of plastic does not change even after several times use. Therefore, there is a high opportunity for the unscrupulous food vendors to pocket more profits by putting the cutlery to unhygienic reuse. This time, the user would be susceptible to licking bacteriological contamination.


Please remember, there is no law that prohibits reuse of cutlery and the law is also silent on the hygiene standards for the utensils to serve food

Edible cutlery cannot be reused. These are baked at high temperatures; therefore, the likelihood of microbial spores to survive is very little. Even if these micro-spores land after production, they are not likely to germinate because, the products are dehydrated (which is why they have long shelf life, even without preservatives). Moisture is essential for life to germinate/generate
When and if thrown away, plastic cutlery adds to the mounting non-degradable material garbage These disintegrate in less than a week, unless stray animals and insects do not eat them up sooner.

A healthy, nutritious and eco-friendly alternative


 It is 100% natural, biodegradable/ vegetarian and Vegan.


Where to buy?

We are on e-commerce now on this website and will be able to take up orders here and get these delivered to you directly. The minimum order size will be 100 spoons of a given taste (Plain, sweet or savoury).

Do you want to be a part of this revolution?

By being a part of this revolution, you could help us absolve our apologetic feelings, because, through e-commerce, the logistics cost is 5 times more than the cost of the product. To bring the cost down, we will need to appoint resellers. We would ship in bulk by sea, where the logistics cost would fall down.

The cost can come still down, if we have production franchisees across the world. This would eliminate the logistics costs and the import duties.

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Do join hands to tackle the nuisance of plastic invasion in our daily life.
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